Green Tea

Green teas can vary significantly, due to the unique individual harvesting and processing methods, and their country of origin.
 The leaves are only partially oxidised, unlike Black leaves which are fully oxidised, and is mainly produced and consumed in Asia. Japanese Green teas are immediately steamed after picking to stop the oxidation process, whereas Chinese Greens are often pan-fired, which can slightly ferment the leaves. There are many different types, and a variety of different processes used including hand-rolling. Variations can then be blended with infusions to create speciality green tea blends. 
Green teas are becoming world renowned for their health benefits and due to the minimal processing, caffeine levels are much lower than that in Black teas. This also increases antioxidant levels,  which aid in inhibiting the increase of blood pressure and blood sugar, lowering cholesterol and the risk of developing cancer cells.

To Brew:

 - Half teaspoon per cup,
 - 70-80 degree water
 - Steep for 1-2 minutes then pour.

The leaves can be re-infused up to 3 times.