Alishan Gaba Charcoal Oolong - 100gm

Ali Shan charcoal roasted Gaba Oolong tea is a hand-pluck tea from the most famous Alishan mountainous region.  The tea is charcoal roasted by using fruitwood to create a caramelised sweetness. The charcoal roasting process can get rid of the bitter and un-smooth taste. This was a traditional way to roast teas before electric power. The tea must be roasted by an experienced tea master and is processing in a room, so the room is full of a charcoal smell. It takes about one and a half days to build the charcoal fire by a tea master. The tea is put into a bamboo basket to roast over a charcoal fire. The tea master roasts the tea about two hours, and then takes it off the fire and lets the tea rest for 6 months before roasting it again. There is no standard processing formula for charcoal roasted tea, as it is based on the experiences and feeling of a tea mater. 

After charcoal roasted, the tea is dark brown in color.  The first infusion has a light smoky flavor, chocolate taste and strong sweet aftertaste.  The tea impresses you from the first infusion, and also attracts you back to it again and again.  Let's try the rare and special treat!

Type: Oolong Tea


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