Tea From China

China has some of the earliest records of drinking tea, going back over 4000 years; Legends say that tea was originally discovered by the Emperor Shen Nong, when leaves fell into the water he was boiling.

Tea is grown in many southern Chinese provinces, including Fujian, Yunnan, Anhui and Guangdong. Each region means different characteristics develop in the leaves, which is enhanced by their processes throughout picking and production.

Different to black tea in the West, Black tea is also known as ‘Fermented tea’ or ‘Dark tea’ in China, where it originated before being introduced to India & Sri Lanka. The initial processes are the same- withering, rolling, fermenting & baking/drying. Pu-erh however is stacked in mounds while still moist, and is slowly fermented (similar to composting). This creates an earthy flavour and sweet musky aroma which like whisky, improves with age. Pu-erh can be green or black.


To Brew:

 - Black: 1 level teaspoon per cup; Green: 1/2 teaspoon per cup
 - Black: freshly boiled water; Green: 70-80 degree celsius
 - Black: Steep for 3-5 minutes then pour; Green: 2-3 minutes