Tea Gift Box

~Tea Gift Box~

This selection of tea boxes are a mix of our biggest sellers, tastiest brews and some of our most visually appealing. (It’s ok to choose your tea on looks!)

We've compiled 6 different boxes to choose from; each box holds 6 jars and each will produce approximately 2-4cups of tea.

The Greys- Our vast selection of Earl Grey teas are some of the our biggest sellers:

Earl Grey Paris, Earl Grey Special,  Earl Grey Sir Scott,  Earl Grey Imperial, Earl Grey Green & Mistress Grey

Green Lovers- a beautiful mix of both Japanese & Chinese Green teas, traditional & flavoured:

Dragonwell, Gen Mai Cha, Moroccan Mint, Green Pacific, Earl Grey Green & Jasmine Dragon Pearls

Fruity Tutti- Beautiful to look at, 100% caffeine free and they taste delicious:

Fig & Rose, Sweet Sunday, Otago Summer Fruits, Grapefruit & Bitter Lemon, Ginger & Lemon Kiss, Strawberry & Kiwifruit

Herbals- Drink day or night to calm the senses and soothe your body & ailments:

Detox, Chamomint, Blueberry Vanilla Rooibos, Ginger Energy, Sleepy & Rosy Glow

Made By Pomeroys- A small selection of some of our favourite house-blended teas:

Sleepy, Cleanse, Rosy Glow, Smoky Chai, Coffee’n’Cake & Focus

Mixed & Matched- the box to push you to try something exciting and different:

Osmanthus Oolong, Silver Needles, Hot Cross Bun, Fig & Rose, Earl Grey Special & Blueberry Vanilla Rooibos


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