Founded in 1989 Pomeroy’s Coffee and Tea Company are an industry leader in the development and roasting of the highest grades of Arabica Coffee beans from all over the world. We are dedicated to selecting an extensive range of speciality single origin coffee as well as offering a large selection of blends that are tailored to suit your needs.
In order to supply you with the most consistent and highest quality products all coffee roasts are cupped throughout the week and recorded in order for quality control along with only sourcing the highest quality green beans. Careful handling of our coffee through all processes, from roasting to packaging by only a select few individuals ensures that every cup of coffee served should always be of consistently high quality.
Our coffee has won numerous awards at the New Zealand Coffee Awards from 2008-2013 and consistently strive to meet ever changing consumer needs and wants.
Pomeroy’s has always envisioned providing not only the highest quality single origin coffee’s but also the finest teas, with one the widest array of tea selections in New Zealand. In the last few years we have gained a relationship with one of the oldest tea farms in Sri Lanka, there knowledge and passion for their traditions and processes allows us to bring to New Zealand world class teas. 
We have a team of passionate people that work to bring out the best in ever bean. Hayden our Chief is one of only a handful of people in the world that is Certified to Judge the 'World Brewers Cup' a competition all about taste. Also he recently competed in The New Zealand Cup Tasters Championship and placed third in NZ, so he is pretty handy to have tasting Pomeroy's Coffee to make sure we only offer you the best.

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